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Fundraising Letter

As many of you may know, my wife Angela was diagnosed with Stage IV brain cancer last September. Since then, she has undergone 13 hours of surgery, 42 chemotherapy treatments, and 30 radiation therapies; more than any one individual or family should ever have to endure, especially since she is a 10-year breast cancer survivor. She is now being treated with Avastin, and thankfully this drug has dramatically improved her quality of life. Angela is being treated at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute where doctors and researchers are working feverishly to develop a new generation of targeted therapeutics designed to immediately broaden the number of effective therapies and offer genuine hope for patients.

Thanks to a flurry of activity in the corporate sector, there are drugs currently “in the pipeline” that may be effective for brain tumors. However, these drugs, almost without exception, were developed for the more common solid tumors (lung, colon, breast). To make these available for patients with brain cancer, doctors and researchers at Dana-Farber must take the extra step of demonstrating to the pharmaceutical companies that they hold promise for benefitting patients. The Avastin trials were lead at Dana-Farber and today scientists and clinicians are poised to make the next break-throughs in brain cancer research. However, the necessity for philanthropic gifts has never been greater. While the government remains an important source of support for basic research, today, funds are rarely available for innovative research. The Center for Neuro-Oncology has gained momentum with each new clinical trial, and their physicians and researchers are highly encouraged by the progress. They cannot succeed without our support.

Angela and I have personally pledged $100,000 to create the Angela and Patrick Palmer Research Fund at Dana-Farber. The purpose of this fund is to support the research of the Neuro-Oncology Department and one day find a cure for this dreaded disease. Our goal is to raise $1 million per year for three years with the hope of significantly impacting this difficult disease with improved outcomes for all patients.

How you can help?  During 2013, we are hosting four fundraising events:

  • The 2013 Boston Marathon being run by our son-in-law, Rob Kelley
  • The Pan Mass Challenge with a team headed by our Mayor, Setti Warren
  • The Marathon Walk with a team being headed by one of our Y employees, Mary Kern
  • A golf tournament being headed by me

All these events will offer the opportunity to contribute to our fund. Whether you are able to participate in one of these activities or not, you will have the opportunity to give, and make a difference. A website is currently being constructed to make it as easy as possible for you to contribute to this very important and lifesaving mission. I cannot thank you enough for considering a contribution to this fund. Many of you have been touched in some way by cancer. Cancer is indeed a horrible affliction which dramatically affects the lives of so many, especially the patient and his/her loved ones. Your contribution and support are an extension of Angela’s fight against cancer, and Dana-Farber’s important and innovative research.

Our entire family greatly appreciates your generosity.

Sincerely yours,
Patrick Palmer